About Quectrix

Quectrix®. focuses on product development in the areas of automobile driving safety and property safety, and is committed to providing safe and reliable GPS products to minimize risks and ensure personal and property safety. Our speed limiter products have been promoted and installed on a large scale in Africa area, effectively preventing and reducing automobile traffic accidents and saving many lives. We are proud of the fact that Tachograph products have been widely used in Central and South America. Their reliable quality and high cost performance have won high recognition from customers. In addition, we also provide one-stop solutions for users of small and medium enterprises, such as cold chain transportation, oil storage, driver driving monitoring, private asset tracking, container management, farm animal management, outdoor vending machine management, etc. according to the actual situation, providing suitable hardware and software products (ODM).


Contact: steven

Phone: 13380318225

E-mail: info@quectrix.com

Add: Shenzhen.China

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